Adding a Customer

Customers may be added by a Partner or an Partner Employee. When you add a Customer it is Active by default. In general, Partners will add Customers after they have been notified that a new Customer has signed up and selected them as a Partner.

To add a new Customer
  1. In the Partner or Administrator portal page, click Customer.
  2. Click the ADD CUSTOMER button.
  3. Add the following information:

    1. In COMPANY NAME, enter a name for this Customer.
    2. In COMPANY ALIAS, enter an alphanumeric identifier for your Customer. Your Users will need this code to sign in to WAVE clients. You will not be able to modify this identifier after creation. You may want to contact the Customer to ensure the identifier meets their needs.
    3. In the Country list, select the country of the Customer.
    4. In Customer Number, optionally enter a contact number for this Customer.
    5. In MSI Sales Person Email, optionally enter the email address for the Customer to contact a WAVE OnCloud Sales Representative if they need to request additional licenses.
    6. In Partner Sales Person Email, optionally enter the email address of the Partner responsible for this Customer.
    7. In Phone, optionally enter a phone number to contact the Partner Sales Person or whomever is managing the account.
    8. In Customer Admin First Name, optionally enter the first name of the primary Customer Admin.
    9. In Customer Admin Last Name, optionally enter the last name of the primary Customer Admin.
    10. In Customer Admin Email, optionally enter the email address of the primary Customer Admin.
    11. In # OF LICENCES, enter the licenses for the Customer. The number of licenses controls the number of Users that can sign in to WAVE OnCloud simultaneously. If the customer requires additional licenses you can edit this field later.
  4. Click the SAVE button to save the Customer.
    The Customer now appears in the Customer page.

Important: After creating a Customer, you should add an Employee other than yourself. This will send an email to the Employee notifying them of their assignment. For more information see Managing Employees.

Updated on June 6, 2017

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