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Broadband Clients Unable to Sign In


When attempting to sign-in, Broadband clients are presented with an error notice or informed that their credentials are incorrect. This applies to both the Web Communicator and Mobile Communicator clients.


Create a valid account and ensure that it is active. Try to sign in with the credentials.

Possible Reasons

The most common error is for users to omit the Customer Alias after their sign-in name. Your Customer Alias must be entered after the User account name appended with an @ symbol. For example, if your Customer Alias is ABC and your User Name is ‘Bob’ then you would enter Bob@ABC as your USERNAME.

Another issue is that the User may be inactive. Check to ensure the user has STATUS of Active.

Potential Solutions

Set User to Active. Verify the USERNAME includes the Customer Alias.

Updated on February 21, 2017

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