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What is WAVE OnCloud?

WAVE OnCloud© is a managed service offering from Motorola Solutions Inc. WAVE OnCloud provides the ability to integrate WAVE Thin Clients such as Mobile Communicators with supported Motorola Solutions Inc. radio systems. This services allows Push-to-Talk communication between your radio users and anyone with a supported smartphone or PC and a valid account.

WAVE OnCloud services may be purchased with or without radio integration.

Broadband + MOTOTRBO
When used with a supported MOTOTRBO radio systems, WAVE OnCloud provides the capability to communicate with radio systems over selected Talkgroups using Push-to-Talk. All ‘Broadband Only’ features are included. Location mapping and text messaging is not currently enabled between Broadband clients and radio systems. If a radio system becomes disconnected, WAVE OnCloud communication will continue to operate separately.

Radio integration requires a WAVE OnCloud Gateway. A Motorola WAVE OnCloud Partner will install and configure the WAVE OnCloud Gateway.

Broadband Only
When operated without a radio system, WAVE OnCloud provides anywhere anytime communication between all connected OnCloud devices. As long as your device has an Internet connection you can communicate with other users from any global location.

Accounts are configured and maintained by a WAVE OnCloud (WOC) Partner or Partner Employee. Billing is determined by the number of licenses assigned to the Customer.

System Components
The WAVE OnCloud interface is separated into multiple component modules that connect with each other to form a Broadband-only or Broadband + Radio System Customer. The following diagram illustrates the basic connections.

As you can see from the diagram, the majority of the modules to be added and modified are encapsulated within the Customer (green line). It is the Partner’s task to create Customers and Administrators. It is the Administrator’s task to create and manage Users, Talkgroups, and Radio Systems. For a better understanding of Partners, Administrators, Customers, and Users see Understanding the WAVE OnCloud Hierarchy.

Updated on August 2, 2018

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