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WAVE-Funksprechgerät TLK 100 - Versionshinweise

Supporting Release R01.01.03

March 11, 2019

Fixes in This Release

  • Multiple instances of ERR 4701 (PTT client reset) corrected
  • ERR 4723 following device activation corrected
  • Audio level of wired accessories no longer too low
  • Removing a wired accessory while the TLK 100 is powered-off results in the wrong volume level on the next radio power-up corrected
  • TLK 100 no longer requires as long to charge when connected to a PC USB port
  • IPv6 to IPv4 switching failure corrected
  • IP routing issues when connected to a WLAN network corrected
  • Miscellaneous UI and stability improvements added

Features in This Release

  • Ability to connect to the Maintenance Mode web pages over a USB Network (RNDIS) connection

Supporting Release R01.00.02

October 11, 2018

Fixes in This Release

  • Failure to connect to the cellular carrier during initial device activation corrected

Supporting Release R01.00.01

September 12, 2018

Features in This Release

  • Group and Private Calls
  • Connectivity over Cellular and WiFi
  • Voice Announcements and Alert Tones
  • Location Reports
  • MNO Device Management Client
  • WAVE Device Management Client
  • Over-the-Air Diagnostics
  • Over-the-Air SW Updates
  • Stun and Kill

Aktualisiert am Mai 20, 2019

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