Adding Users

You can add users manually one at a time or you can add multiple users via a .CSV document.

Manually Adding a User

Users may be created manually by a Partner or an Employee with Admin, Radio Admin, or Provisioning Roles.
To manually add a User
  1. In the menu, click the Users button.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Select the User Type.
    • Mobile or Tablet
      Standard users on Mobile devices (with a Cellular connection and phone number) or on Tablet devices (WiFi Only). Mobile or Tablet Users may be assigned to any Talkgroup.

    • TRBO Client
      For users of MOTOTRBO radios.

    • WAVE Dispatch
      For users of the WAVE Dispatch client that is installed as a browser plugin. Dispatchers can only be assigned to Talkgroups of type Dispatch or Broadcast.

  4. Add the following information:

      • In Display Name, enter the name of the user as it will appear to other WAVE users in WAVE client devices.
      • In Email, optionally enter an email address for the user. If you add an email address it must be in the correct format (name + @ + domain + extension). i.e.
      • Leave the Active check box selected unless you want to create a deactivated user. Deactivated users cannot sign in but may be activated at any time.
      • Select Tablet User if the user is on a device without a phone number. The system will generate an Activate Code for this user to enter. If you entered an email address for this user then the activation code will be sent to them.
      • Select Allow Portal Access if you want this user to be able to sign in to the WAVE Portal. They will be able to create their own Talkgroups and add Users to those Talkgroups. They will also be able to add Users but cannot delete Users they have not created.
  5. In the TalkGroups section, select the Talkgroups this user will have access to.
    • Note: The Toggle Location Watchers feature assigns all members of the selected Talkgroups as Contracts to this User. When this feature is active, Users added or removed from a watched Talkgroup will automatically be added or removed from the User’s Contact List. To use this feature, first select the Talkgroups to watch and then click Toggle Location Watchers. Click the OK button to dismiss the warning. Return to the Talkgroups list and select the Talkgroups this User will receive as a Contacts List. In the following screenshot, the User’s Contact List will contain all Users in Talkgroup 1.

      To deactivate the Location Watchers feature, click Toggle TalkGroups.
  6. If you want this Broadband user to be capable of making Private Calls to a Radio System, or appear as a specific User in the Radio System, then complete the Radio System Subscriber section. (This section only appears if you have configured a Radio System).
  7. Select the Radio System to associate with.
  8. In UnitID, enter the Unit ID that will be used by this Broadband user in the Radio System. This must fall in the range you set in WAVE Users on Radio System.
  9. Select Allow Private Calls to Radios if this user should be capable of making Private Calls to a Radio System.
  10. Click the SAVE button.

Uploading Users via CSV file

The Import feature of the WAVE portal allows you to upload a CSV file of users to a Customer. You can perform an Import at any time, but if the users are duplicated, they will not be added and will count as an error.

In general, you will need to download the User CSV file, edit it in a spreadsheet to include the users you want to add, save the spreadsheet as a comma-delimited .CSV file, and then upload the file. If you already have a .CSV file you saved in Excel format, you may edit that file to included new users. Existing users will be ignored and will not be duplicated.

Important: If you intend to use the same CSV file to maintain Users for a Customer, then maintain the file in Excel format. Save the file as a .CSV file when you are ready to import it but keep the .XLS file for later editing.

Users can be added by uploading a .CSV file but they cannot be removed. If you remove a User from the list it will not be removed from Customer. To remove a user you must manually delete the user.

To download a User spreadsheet
  1. click the Users button.
  2. Click Import button.
  3. Click CSV TEMPLATE.
The CSV template is now in your browser’s downloads folder. Open and modify the file by adding the appropriate user data before importing.
To modify a spreadsheet
  1. Open the CSV template file and add the required information.
  2. In Display Name, enter the name of the user as it will appear to other WAVE users in WAVE client devices.
  3. In Phone, enter the phone number for the user.
  4. In Email, enter the email for the user.
  5. Save the file as a comma delimited .csv file.
To upload a User CSV file
  1. Click Import button
  2. Click Choose File and browse to the .CSV file you saved from the Excel template.
  3. Click the UPLOAD button.
  4. Review the Import Complete results to determine the status of the import.
  5. Click the DONE button to complete the import.

Updated on April 3, 2019

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