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Adding WAVE Dispatch Users and Talkgroups

Once you have a paid subscription to WAVE OnCloud you have the option to purchase WAVE Dispatch licenses so you can use the WAVE Dispatch console. This powerful tool runs straight in your browser and has an extensive library of features. Below you will find steps on how to create a WAVE Dispatch user and a Dispatch Talkgroup.

  • STEP 1: Add WAVE Dispatch Users
  • STEP 2: Create Dispatch Talkgroup(s)
  • STEP 3: Associate Dispatchers and Users to Talkgroups
  • STEP 4: Download the WAVE Dispatch Users Guide

STEP 1: Add Users

  1. From the homepage click the Users button.
  2. Click Add User
  3. Click WAVE Dispatch
  4. Add the following information:
    (Note: Text in the above image is an example).

    1. In Display Name, enter the name of the user as it will appear to other WAVE users in WAVE client devices.
    2. In Email, unique email address is required, this is what you will use to log in to the Dispatch console. It must be in the correct format (name + @ + domain + extension). i.e. User@noreply.com.
    3. Leave the Active checkbox selected unless you wish to deactivate this user. Deactivated users may be activated at any time.
    4. Select Allow Portal Access if you want this user to be capable of signing in and using the WAVE OnCloud Management Portal. Portal Access users will also require a Username and Password.
  5. Click the Save button.

STEP 2: Create Dispatch Talkgroup(s)

  1. Click Talkgroups.
    The Talkgroup screen opens.
  2. Click the large plus icon to create a new Talkgroup.
  3. In Talkgroup Name, enter a name for the new Talkgroup.
  4. In Talkgroup Type select Dispatch
  5. In the Select a radio system list, leave the selection as ‘None’ if there is no radio system on this Talkgroup. You can edit Talkgroups later if you need to add or remove a Radio System. Radio/Talkgroup association will covered in Radio Quick Start Configuration For now you will create a Dispatch Only Talkgroup.
  6. Click the green check icon when you are done.
    The new Talkgroup appears on the page.

STEP 3: Associate Dispatchers and Users to Talkgroups

  1. In the Talkgroup screen, hover over the Talkgroup and click the pencil icon.
  2. From here you can edit the Dispatchers and Users as well as the Radio System association.
  3. You must have at least 1 Dispatcher in a Dispatchers Talkgroup and 2 total users before it will become usable.

STEP 4: Download WAVE Dispatcher Users Guide

To learn about all the features WAVE Dispatcher has to offer you can download the WAVE Dispatcher Users Guide.

Updated on March 12, 2019

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