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March 2018 – WAVE OnCloud 2.0 BETA

The BETA 2.0 release of WAVE OnCloud includes support for updated WAVE Mobile clients and adds several new interfaces (Wizards) to the WAVE OnCloud portal as well as additional features.

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WAVE OnCloud 2.0 is no longer in BETA. See WAVE OnCloud 2.0 is Live.

Partner Features

  • BETA Customer Assignment
    The Partner portal now provides the ability to assign specific Customers to the WAVE OnCloud BETA 2 upgrade. Once selected for the WOC 2.0 Beta, Customers will be asked to upgrade their accounts when they next login. This process cannot be reversed, so ensure this is what the Customer wants before identifying them as a WOC Beta 2.0 account.
  • Updated Add Customer Wizard
    The process for adding a Customer account has been streamlined. New fields are available and a step-by-step Wizard will walk you through all required steps.

Customer Features

  • WAVE OnCloud Upgrade Wizard
    Provides the Customer with a quick step-by-step upgrade process.
  • Updated Add Radio System Wizard
    Provides the Customer with a quick step-by-step process for adding a Radio System.
  • Support for WiFi-Only (Tablet) Users
    Customers can now add users without a phone number by sending them an activation code.
  • Support for account sign-up from the Mobile Communicator App
    Customers can now sign-in and create a WAVE OnCloud Customer account from the mobile client.

User Features

  • Support for the new WAVE OnCloud Communicator App
    The new WAVE OnCloud Mobile Communicator is available for download and operation by users. New features include:

    • New mapping features such as Pin dropping and quick Group view.
    • Enhanced notifications, ‘Call Me’ messages, Missed Call Alerts, and more.
    • Persistent History maintained between sessions.
    • Video and Image transmission between Talkgroups or Users.
    • Background Calling.
    • LMR Interoperability.
    • Easy Upgrades
  • Support for WiFi-Only (Tablet) Users
    Users can now operate WAVE without a phone number using an activation code sent by a Customer.
  • Support for User Portal Access
    Users may be given permission to sign-in to the WAVE OnCloud portal belonging to their Customer’s account. This provides users with the ability to manage other Users and Talkgroups.
  • Web Communicator Deprecated
    The WAVE Web Communicator has been removed from WAVE OnCloud 2.0. A new version of the WAVE Web Communicator will be released in the near future.
Updated on May 20, 2019

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