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Adding Talkgroups (Rental Customers)

Talkgroups are associated with a Customer and may not be shared between Customers.

Talkgroups represent individual collections of WAVE Users and Subscribers (radio users). When a user transmits or sends a text message over a Talkgroup, all other users signed in to that Talkgroup receive the audio transmission or text message. Maps are also Talkgroup-specific and show only those users on the selected Talkgroup.

Talkgroups may be assigned to WAVE Users, Radio Systems, or both. Talkgroups do not consume a license. More than 16 Talkgroups may be assigned WAVE Users, but WAVE Broadband clients can only activate up to 16 Talkgroups simultaneously. Broadband Users may determine which Talkgroups are active or inactive on their client.

About the Talkgroup Menu

When you mouse-over an existing Talkgroup, the group will change to show the existing Users assigned to that Talkgroup. Additionally, three icons appear at the top right corner of each Talkgroup.

Creating a Talkgroup

Use the following instructions to create a Talkgroup in WAVE.

To create a Talkgroup
  1. If you are a Partner or Partner Employee then click the name of the Customer to edit. If you are a Customer Employee then you are already in the Customer screen.
  2. Click Talkgroups.

    The Talkgroup screen opens. All existing Talkgroups are listed.
  3. Click the large plus icon to create a new Talkgroup.
  4. In Talkgroup Name, enter a name for the new Talkgroup.
  5. Select the Talkgroup Type.
    • Standard
      A Standard Talkgroup may be used by anyone.
    • Broadcast
      A Broadcast Talkgroup may be assigned to any user but only a Broadcaster assigned to that Talkgroup may transmit. Non-Broadcast Users assigned to a Broadcast Talkgroup can listen only.
    • Dispatcher
      A Dispatcher Talkgroup must be assigned to a Dispatcher User. Dispatcher Users communicate via the WAVE Dispatch application which runs through a browser. For more information see Adding WAVE Dispatch Users and Talkgroups.
  6. In the Select a radio system list, leave the selection as ‘None’ for a Broadband-Only Talkgroup, or select an existing Radio System if you are creating a Talkgroup that integrates with a Radio System. You can edit Talkgroups later if you need to add or remove a Radio System.
  7. Click the green check icon when you are done.

    The new Talkgroup appears on the page.

Import Talkgroups

You can import talkgroups from a pre-configured excel sheet with all the details of the talkgroups. You must fill the details in the excel sheet as per the template available in the Import talkgroups window. Rental Customer supports up to 96 channels for the talkgroup positioning.

To import the talkgroups, follow these steps:

  1. From the Customer Portal, select the Talkgroups menu.
  2. Click the IMPORT TALKGROUPS button. An Import window displays.
  3. Click the CSV TEMPLATE button to download the .csv template.
  4. Fill the details in the excel sheet downloaded on your local configured download folder.
  5. Click Choose File button in the Import window.
  6. Click the UPLOAD button to import the talkgroups.
Updated on August 5, 2020

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