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Audio from Web Communicator Sounding Garbled


The WAVE Web Communicator has been deprecated in the WAVE OnCloud 2.0. It will be replaced at a later date.


When the WAVE Web Communicator transmits, other clients or radios hear a garbled transmission. They may also hear hissing or static crackling over the transmission.


Transmit over the WAVE Web Communicator and listen on other devices. Does the audio sound garbled on all clients? Does the audio sound garbled from one particular Web Communicator User or all Web Communicator clients.

Possible Reasons

The typical culprit will be latency. If you can hear at least some audio then the connection is going through. The problem is that some of the packets are being lost during the transmission. The WAVE Web Communicator provides a latency indicator in the top left corner.

You can view the actual latency in a popup that appears when you mouse over the latency indicator dot.

  • Green indicates that latency is below 100ms (excellent).
  • Yellow indicates that latency is between 100ms and 200ms (low).
  • Red indicates that latency is above 200ms (problematic).
Potential Solutions

Check your network connection and test its latency. Attempt to switch to a different network or wireless router connection and then check the latency again. When you have a green latency indicator, test the audio from that Web Communicator and see if it is still garbled. If so, then contact support.

Updated on May 10, 2018

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