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August 2020 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE August 2020

August 06, 2020

Features in this Release

  • Support for new region Canada and Colombia
  • Auto Channel Assignment for talkgroups
  • 96 Talkgroups support in Bulk Upload for Japan Rental
  • Deletion of Partner and Distributor from Operator portal
  • Restricted the default role for the employees to Customer Support/Partner Support instead of Admin (Only when employee creation under customer or partner page)

Fixes in this Release

  • The Close Button on the information tab for Clone devices does not work
  • The scan setting still shows even when the “Enable Talkgroup Scan” is disabled
  • The size of the fill-in box for Maintenance Mode PW is different when compared to the other fill-in box in the device setting
  • Moving to MSI partner when editing Partner
  • Mismatch “scan option” and “position” between the source radio (3.x) and the eventual display in the registration box during cloning as destination radio (3.x)
  • On Cloning Devices – Post Device Registration page, the Submit button can be clicked even the button is grayed out
  • “START LOGGING” button stuck when delete and re-register the user
  • There are only 8 Talkgroup Position instead of 96 to assign when registering SLN1000s
  • On Cloning Devices – Post Device Registration page, the Associate all selected WAVE devices with each other checkbox are grayed out
  • Some menu visibility changed to ON after the radio Software upgrade from R2.x to R3.1
  • WOC Popups an Error when No WiFi network list is added, but user able to click Save button successfully
  • Clone 2.x to 3.x, 3.x DM parameters that are not available on 2.x DM parameters will be a default
  • Unable to set up safeguard feature
  • BeQuick subscribers stuck in the Prospective state

Known Limitation

  • 96 Talkgroup Bulk upload is not updating all the talkgroups when Add and Delete operations are performed on the same sheet. This is happening due to backend server operations getting queued and executing add operation and delete operation asynchronously on the same set of talkgroups, resulting in an issue. The workaround is to perform either Add or Delete Operation in a sheet.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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