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Get Started with WAVE PTT Trial

To get the most out of your WAVE Trial you will need to add users and optionally Talkgroup(s).

  • STEP 1: Add Users
  • STEP 2: Create Talkgroup(s)
  • STEP 3: Associate Users and Talkgroups
  • STEP 4: Install the WAVE Mobile Communicator Clients
  • STEP 5: Test Transmission

STEP 1: Add Users

  1. In a Customer menu, click the Users button.
  2. Click Add User
  3. Add the following information:

    1. In Display Name, enter the name of the user as it will appear to other WAVE users in WAVE client devices.
    2. In Phone Number, enter the phone number for this user.
    3. In Email, optionally enter an email address for the user. If you add an email address it must be in the correct format (name + @ + domain + extension). i.e. User@noreply.com.
    4. Leave the Active check box selected unless you want to create a deactivated user. Deactivated users cannot sign in but may be activated at any time.
    5. Select Tablet User if the user is on a device without a phone number. The system will generate an Activate Code for this user to enter. If you entered an email address for this user then the activation code will be sent to them.
    6. Select Allow Portal Access if you want this user to be able to sign in to the WAVE Portal. They will be able to create their own Talkgroups and add Users to those Talkgroups. They will also be able to add Users but cannot delete Users they have not created. You must supply a WAVE Portal account name and password for this user to sign in to www.WAVEOnCloud.com.
  4. In the Talkgroups section, select the Talkgroups this use will have access to.
  5. Click the SAVE button.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to create several Users for testing.

STEP 2: Create Talkgroup(s)

  1. Click Talkgroups.

    The Talkgroup screen opens.
  2. Click the large plus icon to create a new Talkgroup.
  3. In Talkgroup Name, enter a name for the new Talkgroup.
  4. In the Select a radio system list, leave the selection as ‘None’ for a Broadband-Only Talkgroup. You can edit Talkgroups later if you need to add or remove a Radio System. Radio/Talkgroup association will covered in Radio Quick Start Configuration For now you will create a Broadband Only Talkgroup.
  5. Click the green check icon when you are done.

    The new Talkgroup appears on the page.

STEP 3: Associate Users and Talkgroups

  1. In the Talkgroup screen, press and hold the CTRL key and click the Users on the right of the screen.
  2. Drag the selected Users into the Talkgroup square.
    The number of Users in the Talkgroup updates to display the total count.
    Your first Talkgroup and your test Users are ready for operation.

STEP 4: Install WAVE Clients

  1. Follow the instructions provided in the email or search for WAVE OnCloud Push-to-Talk in the store.
  2. Download and launch the application.
  3. When prompted, you must ALLOW the application to record audio, access the device’s location, access contacts, make and manage phone calls, and access photos, media, files, send and view SMS messages on your device. WAVE requires access to your Contacts in order to provide the capability to call them from the client. WAVE requires access to your Phone in order to make phone calls to your Contacts and handle minimization when incoming cellular calls occur. WAVE requires access to media files to transmit them via the application.
  4. When prompted, do not optimize battery usage. This will interfere with background operation.
  5. The End User License Agreement (EULA) page is displayed. You must read and accept the EULA to activate the PTT service on your phone.
  6. Tap Yes to confirm activation.

    • If prompted, enter the activation code given to you by your Customer or Operator to activate the PTT application. This should be sent to you via email or SMS. If you do not receive an Activation Pass-Code then contact the Customer owning this account and ask them to generate an Activation Pass-Code for you.
  7. The WAVE PTT application contacts the server to retrieve contacts and groups (if any) before logging in. If you receive an Information notice, then see step 8. If you do not receive an Information notice then skip to Step 9.
  8. Information notice: if your phone number does not exist in system, then you will be prompted to create a new trial account.

    • If you would like to start a free trial account with yourself as the Customer, then click Free Trial and follow the prompts. You will be granted a free trial license for 30 days and you will be able to create your own TalkGroups and invite your own Users.
    • Tap Free Trial.
    • Enter the required information and then tap the SIGN UP button.
    • Enter phone numbers of users to invite and then click the INVITE button. You may invite up to ten people. They will receive SMS instructions to sign up to your account as users.
    • Tap the GO TO HOME DASHBOARD button to open the WAVE Customer Portal for your account.
  9. Once the WAVE application launches, you will be offered the chance to view the Tutorial.

    If you tap Skip Tutorial you will be taken to the application main page. You may launch the tutorial any time you wish from the menu.
  10. Once the application launches, it should show ‘Available’ at the top. You are now ready to begin using the WAVE Communicator.

STEP 5: Test Transmission

  1. Using another device, sign in to WAVE via the WAVE Mobile Communicator.
  2. In the Talkgroups tab, tap the name of a Talkgroup.

    The screen for the selected Talkgroup opens.
  3. Repeat this with the other device so that you are on the same Talkgroup.
  4. On one device, press and hold the PTT button. You should hear a short chirp. Speak into your microphone. The audio should come out clearly on the other device and a record of the transmission should appear in the FEED screen.
Updated on May 20, 2019

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