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Deactivating or Reactivating (Disabling) User(s)

Deactivating Users prevents them from signing in to WAVE but does not remove them from the database allowing you to reactivate them later.
Deactivated (Disabled) WAVE Users are immediately signed-out of their WAVE clients. They cannot sign back in until their account is reactivated.

To deactivate selected User(s)
  1. Click the Users button.
    The Users page appears with a list of available users (if any).
    Note: By default the first 25 Users will appear on the page. If you require operations on more Users, select the number of Users to display in the bottom right corner of the page. Operations you select will only affect the Users appearing on the page.
  2. In the left column next to the User, click the check box to select the User(s) to deactivate. You may select any User appearing on the page. Click the check box next to Display Name to select all visible users.
    In the following image, only Barb is selected:
  3. Once you have selected one or more users, the Actions menu appears at the top of the page.
  4. In the Actions menu click Deactivate.
  5. Click OK to confirm the deactivation.
    The User is deactivated and remains on the Users page with a Status of Disabled.

The Actions menu for Deactivated Users includes an ‘Activate’ option. Users may be Activated or Disabled at any time.

To reactivate Disabled Users
  1. Select the Disabled User(s) to reactivate in the Users page.
  2. In the Actions menu, click Activate.
  3. Click the OK button to confirm the Activation.
    The selected User(s) return to Active status and may once again sign in to WAVE via their WAVE clients.
Updated on June 24, 2020

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