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July 2020 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE July 2020

July 18, 2020

Features in This Release

  • Post device registration cloning for all regions.

Fixes in this Release

  • Talkgroups are not synced between WOC and CAT for Japan
  • talkgroup creation from WOC Portal is successful but fails to reflect on Central Admin Tool UI (CATUI)
  • Reseller is unable to revoke the device when the end customer disables the user which is cellularEnabled=true
  • Unable to ACTIVATE Mobile App users to WAVE OnCloud Reseller account
  • Deactivating the user is not deactivating the MDN on be quick
  • Unable to revoke and delete TLK150 from reseller portal
  • TLK 150 Devices show as TLK 100 Devices
  • Deactivating and activating the user back is deleting all the contacts
  • Radio 2.0 Test: Show password field is misaligned for the SLN 1000 device page
  • The Bluetooth setting of Unpair on WOC does not work
  • WAVE APP Displays Stale/Wrong location of the Talkgroup Members
  • Password reset from WOC users page is not applicable for Dispatcher
  • Keystone replace function is not working
  • When Side Button Short Press is configured to “Emergency” the reported value for Side Button Long Press automatically change to “Contact List”
  • Customer in Provisioning Role is unable to Update Devices as per the Roles and Permissions Matrix. Clicking Update, the device Alias or device info throws an Unauthorized error.
  • Diagnostic button stuck at “UPLOAD LOGS”
  • WOC Portal ANZ- Portal search function for TLK100 not working in a rental model
  • WOC Portal Brazil- Can not assign TLK clients in Portal
  • WOC Portal- UNKNOWN Error displayed after clicking Display ALL

Known Limitation

  • Same Device (SN/IMEI/ICCID) Registered Multiple Times

Updated on April 16, 2021

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