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March 2020 Release Notes

Supporting Release BASE: 03.00/APPS: R03.01 (WAVE Devices – only US region)

Features in This Release

  • Added ‘Symmetric’ under Privacy Type drop-down for Capacity Single and Multi Site in Create Radio page

Fixes in This Release

  • Replaced the following device names to display on the device registration page
    • Fulcrum to TLK100
    • Blueprint to TLK100i
    • Passport to TLK100j
  • Removed 96 channel column from the device registration page
  • Added “Not in Scan List” under talkgroup priority drop-down in Configure Contacts and Talkgroup page
  • Updated the talkgroup type display name from Broadband to Standard in Talkgroups page

Updated on May 18, 2020

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