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No Presence on Broadband Clients when Radios Transmit


When a radio transmits, Broadband clients should see the ID of the radio in their display. This is referred to as ‘Presence’ because it indicates the presence of the radio on the Talkgroup. Radios that can be heard without any ID during their transmission are not showing a presence. Presence data and Audio data are transmitted separately by WAVE and it is possible that something is interfering with Presence data but not with audio data.


Transmit over a radio to a Broadband client on the same Talkgroup and ensure the audio is coming across. Check the FEED tab on the Broadband client. It should show a record of the radio transmission. Does the radio ID appear in the FEED? If not, then the control data to indicate the presence of the radio is not being received by the Broadband client.

Possible Reasons

It is possible that something that a router or firewall on your network has been configured to block data from specific ports.

Potential Solutions

Check the following ports to ensure they are configured correctly.

WAVE Gateway Network Requirements

  • Port (Master Repeater Port) UDP – OUTBOUND)
    This is the port the master repeater is using for Link Establishment and needs to be opened from the WOCG to the radio system. This is unique to each radio system.
  • Port 50100 UDP – INBOUND (Gateway Link Establishment Port)
    This is the port that will be used by the repeaters to communicate with the WOCG and need to be opened inbound from the radio system to the WOCG.

Broadband Client Requirements

  • Port 443 (TCP)
    Required for WAVE Mobile client (android, iOS etc.) and Web Communicators to connect to the servers from anywhere.
  • Port 4502 (TCP)
    Required for WAVE Mobile client (android, iOS etc.) to connect to the voice servers from anywhere.
Updated on May 20, 2019

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