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September 2020 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE September 2020

September 30, 2020

Features in This Release

  • Subscription ID request for distributor/Partner account (Only available for Operator login)
  • IMEI column and IMEI search in Wave devices Page
  • Display of Rented device count on the partner list and customer list
  • Revoke All option for devices/Users provide by a partner to the customer
  • Device Cloud Services: MQTT Topic for EVA Token from device
  • Radio Status Feature in Management Server – Voicestack Update
  • WAVE MOTOTRBO Client price for Annual subscription in the US is changed from $96/year to $36/year
  • WAVE MOTOTRBO Client price for a reseller in the US is changed from $1/Month
  • The latest Gateway Version is updated as “504”

Known Issues

  • Keystone replace function not working
  • Unable to save enterprise WiFi in WOC
  • CLONE – [TLK100i] WAVE TLK100 Set up Issue (CELL PLAN = Error)
  • WOC US- TLK100 replacement did not complete successfully
  • “WOC Portal-  Unable to edit, add or remove any Bluetooth device in TLK (WGPRD-MDHBBCRZ)”
  • Unable to delete VAIL radio from WOC Wave Devices page
  • WOCP_MEXICO_Login as Customer Employee with all permissions

September 18, 2020

Fixes in This Release

  • Scan function setting not reflecting in the WOC portal via clone feature
  • User Status is Out-of-sync With CELL PLAN Status
  • CLONE – [TLK100i] WAVE TLK100 Set up Issue (CELL PLAN = Error)
  • Getting “Device not found” Error while deleting the device from the portal
  • SIM Activated Under Wrong BeQuick Subscriber

Updated on October 1, 2020

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