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Volume Low between Web Communicators and Radios


The WAVE Web Communicator has been deprecated in the WAVE OnCloud 2.0. It will be replaced at a later date.


Audio received by radios and/or other Broadband clients seems low when received from a particular WAVE OnCloud User but not necessarily others.


When transmitting from one particular client, the received audio is low (quiet) on other clients. Other clients may be heard at an appropriate volume.

Possible Reasons

This is usually due to microphone issue on the part of the ‘quiet’ client. It should not be a software issue as Broadband to radio volume is set by the radio system when the digital signal from the Broadband clients is received. There is no specific ‘amplitude’ setting, the Broadband signal is sent to the radios via the repeaters without modification other than transcoding.

One possible reason could be due to the hardware. If the microphone is damaged on the mobile device, it could be affecting performance.

If the quiet client is a WAVE Web Communicator, it could be due to the audio configuration of the host computer. Check your audio settings and test your microphone by recording some audio. For instructions, consult the instructions for your operating system and computer.

Potential Solutions

Check the microphone settings on the host PC for the ‘quiet’ client and ensure they are set to maximum for input. Test reception from this client again.

Try using a different microphone or a wired microphone.

Updated on May 10, 2018

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