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This document answers frequent questions regarding the differences between WAVE 1.0 and WAVE 2.0. To download a PDF copy of this document click WAVE 1.0 vs. 2.0.

Q. What is WAVE?

A. WAVE is a carrier-independent broadband push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions that uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communication to phones, tablets and PCs, to help business and enterprise organizations get more done faster. WAVE eliminates the barriers between devices, networks and locations, and lets everyone be part of the conversation.

Q. What’s new about WAVE Version 2.0?

A. The most notable changes are in the mobile app with new features including:

  • Multimedia communication
  • Persistent history
  • Background calling
  • Location, mapping and tracking
  • Geofencing

In addition, WAVE Web Dispatch is also available to communicate with and manage personnel in the field.

Q. What are the partner benefits of selling WAVE Version 2.0?

A. Partner benefits include:

  • Up to four times the compensation of WAVE Version 1.0
  • Interoperability with MOTOTRBO radios so you can tap into your radio customer base to sell this service
  • Enhanced interface to simplify account creation and user onboarding, resulting in better customer adoption and sales prospect conversion
  • Availability of WAVE demo kits to make it easier to sell the solution to prospects


Q. Is WAVE Version 2.0 backwards compatible with Version 1.0?

A. No. The account and users must be on the same version.

Q. Do the users need to upgrade to WAVE Version 2.0 before the account is upgraded?

A. No, but Version 1.0 users will not be able to communicate with Version 2.0 users. The account upgrade is done through a wizard that upgrades the account and users all at once. Users will get an SMS to download the new app. All users should be upgraded to Version 2.0 by June 30, 2019 when Version 1.0 service will be discontinued.

Q. How do I upgrade the WAVE Radio Gateway (WRG) to Version 2.0?

A. An easy-to-use wizard will walk you through the upgrade process for the Gateway as well as for the account and users.

Q: How do I set up a demo account?

A: To setup a demo account, you must first have been set up with a partner login and the organization must not have an existing demo account in place. If you have not been set up with a partner login, please contact your company’s PartnerEmpower Administrator to get access. Once you login, you will create a “test” customer and use your email address as a customer contact.  At the top of the customer setup screen, there is an option to create the customer as a “Partner Demo Account”.  Please note that if you use an actual customer as a test customer, this process will cancel any subscriptions that customer has currently.

Q: What type of demo accounts can be created under WAVE Version 2.0?

A: Demo accounts can be set up as Broadband Only or Broadband Critical Communications.  You can also set up the number of users and talkgroups you need for your demo. 

Q: How can others in the organization gain access to the demo account I set up? 

A: Whoever created the demo account can give employee administrator rights and/or user access to that “test” customer account. Once employees are set up as users, they can then follow the customer set-up process and use these credentials to sign in to the WAVE application on their smartphone or tablet.   

Q: Why should I set up a trial account?

A: Setting up a trial account will provide you or your customer with ten Broadband Only WAVE licenses. With these licenses, you or your customer will be able to set up talkgroups and test the WAVE application.

Q: My trial account expired and as my WAVE partner account was being set up, we received a message that my email address is already in use. How can I fix this?

A: Please contact WAVE support at wavesupport@motorolasolutions.com and request that they delete your trial account login. 

Q: I accidentally signed up as a customer, but now need to sign up as a partner. How do I remove my customer account?

A: Please contact WAVE support at wavesupport@motorolasolutions.com and request that they delete your customer account and the email address associated with that account.

Q: How many WAVE Radio Gateways can be programmed per account?

A: There is no limit on the number of Gateways per account.

Q: Why can’t I access the WAVE application with my partner account information?

A: To use the WAVE application, your company must have purchased WAVE licenses and added you as a user.


Q: How do we convert a customer trial account into an active, paid account?

A: If an email was added for the customer when setting up the trial, they will receive an email near the end of the trial to upgrade to a paid account.  If an email was not provided, the partner can click on the “Upgrade” button and upgrade the created account on behalf of the customer.

Q: I’m receiving an error on a user’s phone number when trying to set them up. What could be the cause?

A: When setting up a user, make sure that the phone number has not been used in a WAVE account. The user’s phone number is the primary method for user authentication, so phone numbers cannot be used more than once. 

Q: I’m receiving errors when setting up an alias for my customer. What could be causing this?

A: The customer alias set up should be unique and should avoid spaces. 

Q: When customers are setting up their team members to use WAVE licenses, are these users required to be set up as “employees” as well?

A: No. It is not a requirement for users to be set up as employees under the customer.

Q: When customers are setting up and assigning talkgroups, is it possible for one user to be associated with multiple talkgroups?

A: Yes. One user at a customer can be associated with multiple talkgroups.

Q: If my customer has multiple warehouses in different regions and those regions are covered by two different partners, can the warehouses communicate with each other?

A: Yes, if these warehouses are connected under one radio system (e.g. MOTOTRBOTM Capacity Plus) and are under a single partner account, then they would be able to communicate with each other.

If these warehouses are connected under one radio system (e.g. MOTOTRBOTM Capacity Plus) but are supported by two different partner accounts, then they would not be able to communicate with each other.

Q: I setup up my customer, but forgot to include my contact information to get credit for the Dealer Sales Commission. How do I fix this?

 A: If you created the customer account under your partner account, you can click on the pen icon to edit that account and add missing info. Or you can contact WAVE support and provide them with your username, and the customer you set up with the missing information.  You can contact support at wavesupport@motorolasolutions.com or open a ticket at https://support.waveoncloud.com/submit-a-ticket/.

Q: Why can’t my customer access the WAVE application with the account I set up on their behalf?

A: To use the WAVE application, the customer must have purchased WAVE licenses from you and they should also be added as a user in the account you set up.

Updated on November 1, 2019

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