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Web Communicator Audio Too Quiet

Applies To

WAVE OnCloud 1.0.


When audio comes from the PC hosting the WAVE Web Communicator, the audio is too quiet.


Test transmission from another client to the WAVE Web Communicator. Try using headphones if you cannot hear anything. If you can hear some audio but it is too quiet, then proceed with the solution below.

Possible Reasons

If some audio is coming in but the volume is too low, the culprit is typically the audio settings on the computer.

Potential Solutions

Attempt to adjust the WAVE Web Communicator master volume.

  1. On the WAVE Web Communicator, click the Settings icon and then click Settings.

    The Settings page opens.
  2. Ensure the Global Volume slider is set to 100 (Maximum).
  3. Click the SAVE button and test the volume again by transmitting to the WAVE Web Communicator.

If the volume is still low then adjust the volume of your PC to maximum and test again.

Updated on April 13, 2018

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