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Web Communicator Does Not Launch


The WAVE Web Communicator has been deprecated in the WAVE OnCloud 2.0. It will be replaced at a later date.


After clicking the WAVE Communicator launch button the sign-in page opens.
But when you enter your credentials and click the Sign In button, the application fails to launch or launches incompletely and does not operate correctly.

This issue does not apply to Mobile Communicators, only to the WAVE Web Communicator.


Check the URL in your web browser. The URL should appear as follows:

Web Communicator URL


Look in the upper left corner of the WAVE Web Communicator and check the latency indicator.
Green indicates a good connection. If the indicator is yellow or red, your connection may be unstable.

In the WAVE OnCloud customer portal, check the User you signed in as to verify you have entered the correct Customer Alias. If the Customer Alias is wrong you should see an ‘Invalid client credentials’ error message.

Possible Reasons

This is typically due to the User entering the wrong credentials or the User being deactivated. It is also possible that the User has been disabled or that the latency is too high for the WAVE Communicator to operate correctly.

Potential Solutions

If the URL message is incorrect, then you should contact Support.

Check the User in the WAVE OnCloud Customer Portal to ensure they are Active. Look in the STATUS column to view the Active/Disabled status of the Users. Disabled Users cannot sign in.

Updated on May 10, 2018

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