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Web Communicator ‘Frozen’ or Unresponsive


The WAVE Web Communicator has been deprecated in the WAVE OnCloud 2.0. It will be replaced at a later date.


After launching and using the WAVE Web Communicator, then coming back to it after a time, the application seems ‘frozen’ and does not respond. Either that or audio is not sent or received.


Test to see if you can transmit. Test to see if other clients are receiving your audio. Test to see if you can receive audio from other clients.

Possible Reasons

The WAVE Web Communicator disconnects when prevented from connecting with its server components for a period of time. If you hibernate or sleep your computer while logged-in to a WAVE Web Communicator, the WAVE Web Communicator may appear disconnected when you resume normal operation. No audio reception occurs when disconnected.

Potential Solutions

If you leave the application running, then after hibernating or sleeping, check your web browser to determine your connection state. To reconnect, refresh the browser window and log in again.

Updated on May 10, 2018

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