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How to Add Radio Subscribers

Subscribers exist to associate a radio unit ID with a WAVE Radio System. This allows Private Calls between Broadband and Radios. It also allows the User Alias (Display Name) to appear to Broadband clients when the radio unit transmits.

Radio system Subscribers do not count against your license. You may create as many as necessary to integrate a Radio System. Radio Systems are associated with Talkgroups in the Talkgroup screen. Only one Radio System may be associated with a Talkgroup at a time.

In the following illustration, TestRadioSystem1 has been associated with Talkgroups ‘Channel 1’ and ‘Channel 2.’ When the Subscribers on TestRadioSystem1 transmit, their audio flows to the Broadband Users on both Talkgroups. Likewise, the Radio Subscribers will receive the transmissions from the Talkgroups depending on the Talkgroup ID set in each Talkgroup.

For example, Talkgroup ‘Channel 2’ is set to Talkgroup ID 22.

Any radio connected to WAVE through the WAVE Gateway set to Talkgroup 22 should hear the audio from Channel 2 Broadband Users.

To add a Subscriber
  1. In the main menu, click Radio System.

    The Radio Systems page opens.
  2. On the Radio System to edit, click the Edit button.

    The Radio Systems page opens.
  3. In the Radio Subscriber section, click the Subscribers List link.

    The Subscribers page opens.
  4. Click Add Subscriber.
  5. To add a Radio Subscriber, enter the following information:

    1. Leave WAVE User as None if you are adding a radio unit.
    2. In Radio Subscriber Name, enter the name of the Radio Subscriber as it will appear to WAVE users during PTT, Text Reception, and Private Calls.
    3. In Unit ID, enter the ID of the radio as it occurs in the connected Radio System.
    4. In Privacy Key, select a Privacy Key to use with this Radio System if one has been configured.
  6. To add a WAVE Subscriber, first select the name of the User to add as a Subscriber from the WAVE User list.

    The screen updates the fields to associate.
  7. Modify the following fields:
    1. In Unit ID, enter the ID this WAVE User will send to the Radio System for identification. The ID you enter must fall in the WAVE Subscriber Radio ID Start/End range set in the Radio System. The WAVE Portal will enforce this and notify you with an error if you use a Unit ID outside the range, or if the Unit ID you enter is already in use.
    2. Select Allow Private Calls to allow this WAVE User to initiate or receive Private Calls with Radio Subscribers.
  8. Click the Save button.
Updated on April 3, 2019

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